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Criminalist Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ‘experienced’ criminalists earn annual salaries between $35,000 and $50,000. But it depends on other factors other than experience. Yes, experience plays a major role in anyone’s salary, however, when it comes to criminalists other things factor in such as:

  • Employer (federal agencies tend to pay higher on average)
  • Location (large cities tend to have higher crime rates, which means more work)
  • Education Level, Certification
  • Position in Company (supervisor, management positions pay higher)

Criminalists working in the right position for the right agency, with the right education and credentials can earn over $100,000 per year if wanted. Generally, this is rare as these specific criminalist positions are hard to get, especially for new graduates. However, it is something to work towards.

Entry-level criminalists can expect to earn around $40,000 after graduating. And again, it has nothing to do with your brains and skills, and everything to do with where you work and who you work for. Experienced, full-time criminalists who work for places such as law enforcement organizations can also be compensated in the form of benefits packages, which include paid holidays and vacations, overtime pay, health insurance and retirement packages.

Annual Salaries by State

Below is a list of the average median salary, according to the BLS, for each State as of 2009.

Alabama $53,490
Alaska **
Arizona $53,620
Arkansas $39,280
California $66,690
Colorado $56,080
Connecticut **
Delaware **
D.C. $69,870
Florida $44,910
Georgia $50,980
Hawaii $54,940
Idaho $51,290
Illinois $68,350
Indiana $48,010
Iowa **
Kansas $73,430
Kentucky $41,970
Louisiana $61,570
Maine **
Maryland $59,920
Massachusetts $81,950
Michigan $56,300
Minnesota **
Mississippi **
Missouri $45,210
Montana $53,970
Nebraska $41,090
Nevada **
New Hampshire **
New Jersey $50,390
New Mexico $53,340
New York **
North Carolina $44,030
North Dakota **
Ohio $55,060
Oklahoma $52,030
Oregon $54,560
Pennsylvania **
Rhode Island **
South Carolina $40,600
South Dakota **
Tennessee $45,920
Texas $46,490
Utah $46,090
Vermont **
Virginia $67,860
Washington $53,770
West Virginia **
Wisconsin $79,080
Wyoming **

** State did not report an annual salary to the BLS