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402 North Blackford Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-274-6883
Director: Jay Siegel, PhD
Status: Full Accreditation for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic and Investigative Sciences

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the campus is home to both Indiana University and Purdue University. Students can choose to earn their Bachelor’s degree in forensic science or Master’s degree in forensic science. The multidisciplinary graduate program in forensic sciences at IUPUI concentrates in forensic chemistry and biology. Students can participate in full-time or part-time course workloads, however full-time students are able to complete the program in two years.

In 2009, IUPUI was ranked #8 for best public university in the Midwest by Forbes magazine. And with new academic programs such as forensic science, prospective students should understand ahead of time that competition during admittance will be a grueling and rigorous process. Students who already have a strong background in chemistry, biology, clinical law or a related field will have an advantage over the rest, especially if test scores were not efficient and if you’re out-of-state. Still, students can choose to earn their degree from either school; Indiana University or Purdue University.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements to get into IUPUI include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, forensic science or a related science
  • 3.0 GPA minimum
  • GRE score above the 50% level
  • Complete application
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Official transcripts from all higher education institutions you’ve attended

All of these items are due before January 15th of each academic school year.

Most Recent Class Profile:

Type: Public
# of Total Applicants: N/A
# Students Enrolled: 5,534
# of Males Enrolled: 42%
# of Females Enrolled: 58%
Overall GPA: 3.25
Average SAT Score: 1064
Resident 1st Year Tuition: $6,434
Total Resident Cost for 4 Years: $25,736
Non-Resident 1st Year Tuition: $19,668
Total Non-Resident Cost for 4 Years: $78,672