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935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3E 2C6
Phone: 705-675-1151, ext. 4209
Director: Scott I. Fairgrieve, PhD
Status: Full Accreditation for Honors B.Sc. Degree in Forensic Science (Single Specialization) and Honors B.Sc. Degree in Forensic Science and Chemistry (Combined Specialization)

Laurentian University is the first university in Canada to offer an accredited forensic science degree at the bachelor, masters and doctoral levels. FEPAC accredited this program, as it meets all of its guidelines and requirements. Forensic Science at Laurentian University started as the Forensic Biology Option in the Department of Biology in 1998. In 2004 the University’s Senate passed the creation of the new and independent Department of Forensic Science. The department now has its own resources, faculty, support staff and research. Plus, students have the benefit of learning in the classroom and a laboratory.

Admission Requirements

The first and most important thing you need to do before applying is make sure you’re applying to the correct Office of Admissions ( There is a different office for students applying from secondary schools inside and outside of Ontario, community colleges, other universities, etc. Applying to the wrong office of admissions can be a huge mistake and cost you a semester’s worth of time. Once you’re at your correct Office of Admission website, you will learn more details about the admission requirements.

Most Recent Class Profile:

Type: Public
# of Total Applicants: N/A
# Students Enrolled: 555
# of Males Enrolled: 42%
# of Females Enrolled: 58%
Overall GPA: 3.5
Average GRE Score: N/A
Resident 1st Year Tuition: $ **
Total Resident Cost for 4 Years: $ **
Non-Resident 1st Year Tuition: $ **
Total Non-Resident Cost for 4 Years: $ **

** Due to the Protection of Privacy Act, LU only releases information to the student, regardless of who paid the tuition fees.