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Generally, because a medical examiner must earn a doctoral degree, his or her pay is much higher than most people’s. He or she is required to perform tasks such as autopsies, for that they are also compensated. There are many factors that play a role in a medical examiners salary, including:

  • Place of employment (public or private sector)
  • Crime rates
  • Experience
  • Amount of responsibility

Most private sectors start medical examiners at a salary around $200,000 per year. While government and public sectors range widely, paying medical examiners anywhere from $75,000-$150,000. Areas where crime is not occurring often report lower annual salaries to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, whereas locations such as large metropolitan cities that are densely populated, report higher salaries due to longer hours and more responsibilities. Another thing that could influence ones rate in pay could be the State in which they live. Each State varies, so we’ve taken the liberty of collecting the most recent salary data from each State and put it in a chart below.

Annual Salaries by State

Below is a list of the average median salary, according to the BLS, for each State as of 2009.

Alabama $202,950
Alaska $167,390
Arizona $185,150
Arkansas $154,010
California $187,240
Colorado $186,660
Connecticut $193,650
Delaware $150,600
D.C. $176,130
Florida $190,600
Georgia $209,380
Hawaii $191,400
Idaho $195,490
Illinois $151,080
Indiana $212,200
Iowa $191,000
Kansas $169,940
Kentucky $168,730
Louisiana $189,040
Maine $168,680
Maryland $150,490
Massachusetts $167,280
Michigan $170,260
Minnesota $218,180
Mississippi $192,980
Missouri $185,550
Montana $183,940
Nebraska $141,250
Nevada $205,410
New Hampshire $206,680
New Jersey $167,280
New Mexico $197,450
New York $151,750
North Carolina $166,660
North Dakota $196,250
Ohio $190,030
Oklahoma $153,240
Oregon $168,010
Pennsylvania $165,700
Rhode Island $133,670
South Carolina $175,020
South Dakota $201,140
Tennessee $185,190
Texas $168,010
Utah $182,380
Vermont $184,600
Virginia $170,320
Washington $190,270
West Virginia $168,440
Wisconsin $194,970
Wyoming $192,430